Accent reduction, pronunciation training, voice coaching, public speaking lessons and dialect coaching services for native and non-native English speakers. Based in E10, London. Courses, workshops and private tuition services are available. All lessons focus on your needs and are designed with your goals in mind. Veryvocab’s primary voice coach is Richard Hollingworth.

Veryvocab provides coaching for anyone who requires good oral communication skills and has to use their voice on a daily basis. This work can help you:

  • improve your articulation and pronunciation skills.
  • build your English language vocabulary.
  • develop rich vocal resonance.
  • learn the ideal pace, rhythms and intonation of good English.
  • build up your public speaking capability and confidence.
  • enhance spot-reading and audition skills through storytelling coaching.
  • develop a specific accent for an acting role.

If you live outside London, why not try private accent tuition over Skype? Now you can learn from anywhere in the world!

Want to know more about the coaching and the coach? Watch this video:

Accent Coaching from Richard Hollingworth on Vimeo.